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Sessions We Offer


Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch

R680        Duration 90 min

Munya Ki Rites

There are Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki. They are based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon. The Munay Ki rites wil engage with you on a unconcious level, supporting you in a quest for a deeper, broader vision of who you truly are. Each Rite will be given separately using a combination of meditation, music, attunements to assist your journey. They have a natural order.

R680 per session (3 sessions to receive all the rights)

Duration: 90 minutes

Scio Testing & Therapy

The Scio device identifies and corrects energetic imbalances in the body and the body’s self healing powers are re-activated. The information provided by the Scio tells us about the energetic state of the body.

R680       Duration: 120 minutes

Shadow Work

During shadow work, we work with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from. During these sessions we mostly work with parts of your personality that you subconsciously consider undesirable.

R680 Duration: 90 minutes


BodyTalk is an intuitive Consciousness based healthcare system. BodyTalk uses both Eastern and Western knowledge to address the client holistically. There is no pre-set agenda by me as the practitioner, your body-mind provides the priorities for the session. I work with your permission to talk and listen to your body: focusing on addressing physical [aches and pains], emotional [upsets and conflicts], mental [chatter and disturbances], and spiritual [questions and seeking] discomforts. Every part of the body has a certain consciousness, in other words emotions, beliefs, memories, events, expectations, ancestral and environmental triggers can have a profound effect on your body. BodyTalk addresses these factors too to guide your body back to complete wellness.

R290 Duration: 60 minutes

Cord Cutting

Cutting energy cords helps to move through transition without the burden of carrying the weight of the past. Cord cutting is a healing technique that supports you to “unhook” from draining or unhealthy emotional dynamics.  

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Soul Retrieval

The intention of a Soul Retrieval is to bring back the lost parts of your soul. Soul loss can occur due to trauma.

R680        Duration 90 min

Meet your spirit guides

Each of us can benefit from contact with the spiritual realm, and we often do so without realizing it.  During this session you will meet your spirit guides. Spirit guides serve many roles and take many forms of expression within our lives.  Spirit guides help  us to be open us to abundance, protect us, and serve as our companions.

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Spiritual Coaching

During these sessions, the focus is to connect and realign you with yourself, your God, and the Universe. Throughout these sessions you will gain profound insights and a deeper understanding of yourself and your role as a creator on earth.

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Meet the Arch Angels

There are twelve Archangels, each one has unique qualities. During a session we will discuss one Archangel. In a session I will teach you about a specific Arch Angel and I will guide you to meet this Arch Angel in the spiritual realm. 

R680  Duration: 120 Minutes

Psychic Development

We’re All a Little Psychic. Psychic development training will support you to recognize your own psychic abilities and develop them in a safe and effective manner. During these sessions you will discover what the different psychic abilities are, and how you can develop them. This will support you to develop and to trust your intuition.

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Meditation 1 on 1

 Private lessons will help you to make quick progress in meditation. Throughout this session you will learn various meditation techniques and you will be guided on how to reach higher states of consciousness.

R350 Duration: 60 minutes

Property cleansings with crystal grid

Did you know that you can create a crystal grid in or around your home? This is a great way to create a peaceful environment and to protect your family and your home from negative energy. The crystal grid combined with the property cleansing will protect your property from negative energy.

R3800       Duration 3 hours

Shamanic healing

During shamanic healing I will be using traditional tools including feathers, drums, rattles, flower water, smudges, fire and stones to move and absorb energy.

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Meet your power animal

In shamanism, power animals are often connected to inner personal growth. Every one of us has at least one power animal. Your power animal has the ability to support you to deal with a certain issue or life lesson at a specific time in your life. 

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Cyrstal and chakra balancing

Crystal and Chakra Balancing will treat your energetic body. During these sessions specific crystals will be placed on you which will interact with your body's energy field to create balance and alignment. Thereafter, I will channel energy into the seven chakras to support you to vibrate on a higher frequency than before. 

R680 Duration: 90 minutes


Numerology is a wonderful and practical tool which enables you to understand more about yourself and the world you live in. A numerology reading can reveal information about your true self and hidden aspects about yourself as contained in your numerology chart.

R680 Duration: 90 minutes

Past Life Regreession

Past life regression therapy has the ability to support you to gain insight and wisdom of past lives. Past life  regression  can bring great insight and understanding towards physical and emotional blocks. 

R680 Duration: 90 minutes


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