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Hello, I am Quinton Mundell

I am a Spiritual Coach, energy healer and  meditation teacher with a passionate interest in helping people connect with their hearts & souls as a path to expressing their true authentic self & living the life they’ve always dream of. I have done various shamanic training, therefore I do support and guide people to discover the wonders of plant medicine.


I support healing and transformation through the integration of  spiritual and psychological  information and by working on a multidimentional level with each person.

At spritiual seeker I create a sacred healing space for you, a container whereby you can reconnect with your vulnerability and your authenticity, this space will support you to remember your true self.  I do not follow a rigid step by step healing system, instead I follow my heart and my intuition and I listen to my guides and angels. Therefore, I am fully present  throughout your healing journey, ensuring that you receive relevant messages, insights and healing from your soul.  In this sacred space you are given the opportunity to explore unknown aspects of yourself and to explore your multidimensionality.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey and helping you unlock your magic. It would be my honour to walk this path with you.

Energy Healing
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